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Parent Comments

The following are a selection of comments made by parents when they acknowledged the receipt of their “My Learning Journeys”.

“We have been incredibly impressed with the care and dedication given to our son during his time at pre-school.”

“Something to treasure for many years”

“He is always pleased to come to Preschool – he has learnt so much.”

“[Name Removed] has come on leaps and bounds since she started at pre-school, developing confidence and trust.”

“The learning journey is great evidence of the care and attention you have paid to his development.”

“This record really shows her progress and is a lovely reminder in years to come of her at this early stage.”

“She has been given so much encouragement and has made great progress.”

“Thank you for documenting and recording her development over the year in such a brilliant way.”

“It is a warm, safe, loving environment where you know the children inside out and where [Name Removed] has flourished. I feel lucky that we moved to Menston and found you!”

“She has had the opportunity to experience so many activities, has been listened to and allowed her creative personality to develop.”

“Thank you for the efforts and dedication of all the staff – they are a superbly experienced team.”

“I am amazed at what he has learnt”

“We have felt a true sense of community and common purpose – all because of the positive purpose and vibrancy of teaching the children through play.”

“We wish we could ‘bottle up’ all the wonders of pre-school and take it with us.”

“[Name Removed] has flourished during her time at pre-school and this is a credit to your lovely staff and the professionalism with which they care for the children. You have greatly contributed to her future education and we will miss you all.”

“He is now looking forward to going to ‘big school’ -his confidence about such a big move is clearly a reflection of the confidence instilled in him at pre-school.”

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