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Menston Pre-School celebrate diversity and is open to every family in the community. The waiting list is not operated on a first come, first served basis but on a fairer system, to give all children an opportunity to experience what Pre-School has to offer before they enter formal education;

• We reflect the diversity of members of our society in our publicity and promotional materials by involving both staff and members of the Management Committee in preparing these.
• We provide information in clear, concise language, whether in written, typed or spoken form.
• We provide information in as many languages as possible by utilising languages written and spoken as the occasion arises (through the use of festivals, etc. in the curriculum or in conjunction with a non-English speaking family at Pre-School) to enhance our Pre-School experience and further celebrate diversity of cultures.
• We base our Admissions Policy on a fair system. (See also Admissions Policy)

Menston Preschool can accommodate a maximum of 25 children per session. We do our best to accommodate requests for attendance at specific sessions though you may be asked to be flexible. Allocated sessions might have to change between academic years, and it is probable that you will be asked to accept a combination of both morning and afternoon sessions.

Children can start at Menston Preschool from 2 1/2, until they go to school. Spaces for under 3 are limited due to legal ratio requirements. Children living in and around Menston are given priority, although children living outside Menston will be admitted if there is sufficient space.

Please ask if you would like to see our Admissions Policy.

Below is a link to our Application Form, you can either email, post or pop it into us once completed.

Application Form

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